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Looking to design an exclusive corporate entertainment option for conventions and corporate events, Chris Luciano decided to add the interactive aspects of hypnosis with the improvisational elements of transformational mindset to create a truly unparalleled keynote speaker option. This new format has been proven time and time again to exceed expectations and leave event attendees and planners with an unforgettable experience.

As an author, speaker, and experienced entrepreneur, Chris has studied the secrets of top performers in every field. In his wildly entertaining keynotes, he shows you how they achieve the unthinkable – and how you can put the same scientific principles to work in your business and personal life.

With a gift for connecting with people, Chris entertains and creates a 100% positive experience for everyone involved - from the event planners, to the audience members, to the show’s participants.

Chris Luciano's Keynote Seminars contains every element of the “WOW Factor”, and Chris is committed to the success of each and every event.

Subconscious Secrets of Business Success 

90 mins 

Most men and women know what they need to do to reach their goals. Whether they want to increase their sales, launch a new idea, or simply lose a few extra pounds, the way forward is clear. But their desire is no match for the day-to-day hassles and distractions that inevitably spring up every time they get started. In this humorous and engaging keynote, Chris explains exactly what’s holding most people back from their dreams – along with scientifically-proven ways to overcome them. 

Visionary Thinking 

90 mins 

What separates the truly exceptional – those high achievers who set the bar for everyone else – apart from their peers? Most people think it’s talent or education, but the reality is that those are rarely the difference. In fact, the biggest determining factor in a person’s success is their ability to practice visionary thinking. Those who can imagine a better world, and their place in it, are free to shape the future; those who can’t get left behind. This presentation, filled with entertainment and insight, paves the way to understanding – and realizing – the power of this hidden talent.